Linda Lou Writes

WordPress Day 21: Finally found out about Google Chrome. I should only use this browser for WordPress and Godaddy because it shows me information that never appears on the Safari browser!

Linda Lou Writes under different names. As Regina Duke, she made the USA Today Bestsellers List for the first 3-novel set of her romance series, Colorado Billionaires. As K. B. Woods, she publishes some of her “Strange Tales” series. As Linda White, she has academic volumes and dog training books. She has a PhD in Basque Studies (Language and Literature).

WordPress discoveries: This should be its own blog, because there are so many of us who struggle to learn WordPress. For example, it took me two weeks to finally understand what all the talk about BLOCKS is about. Once again, Google Chrome is great, because they actually provide hints on the screen!

Hint: When finished with a block, exit by hitting return.

Visit Regina Duke’s Website to see book covers, order through Amazon, and sign up for Regina’s newsletter. She likes to give away books.

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